By placing Alexami Cosmetics order you as a Customer are agreeing to Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

  • Quotations, Orders and Delivery
    • In addition to other terms provided in this document, Alexami Cosmetics is not obliged to supply the Products so ordered to the Customer until it accepts in writing an order submitted by the Customer.
    • Alexami Cosmetics reserves the right to cancel, suspend or vary any incomplete order that has already been accepted by Alexami Cosmetics if the Customer defaults under these terms and conditions. Such suspension, cancellation and variation shall be without any notice and liability to the Customer.
    • The Customer acknowledges that Alexami Cosmetics is a wholesaler and in case of domestic clients, minimum order of $100 AUD without GST or shipping charges. Orders over $300 shipping is FREE.
    • Until full payment is made for goods, full ownership of goods belongs to Alexami Cosmetics with all the rights.
    • Invoice will be sent to the Customer via email including any applicable addition of GST and freight and handling charges.
    • Alexami Cosmetics may at any time during the term of Agreement increase the freight cost or prices and the customer hereby agrees that the freight and price cost shall vary.
    • You are solely responsible for compliance with all laws relating in any way to the marketing and sale of the Products within your territory.
    • You will use your best endeavor to promote and sell the Products throughout the territory, maintain adequate stocks of the Products to meet its customers' requirement and to comply were all legal requirements from time to time relating to the storage and sale of Products.
    • The arrangement created by this agreement is not exclusive in that we reserve the right to appoint additional customers within the territory.
    • All conditions, warranties and other terms implied by the law of any country are hereby excluded as far as the law of such country permits.
  • Prices
    • Prices quoted in any order apply to that order only and do not apply in any other circumstances.
    • All prices for Australian customers include the Goods and Services Tax at the prevailing rate (currently it is 10%).
    • Payments will be made in AUD by direct transfer to the Alexami Cosmetics’ bank account or processed via credit card over the phone or as agreed upon order placement. Payments are due either upon receiving stock or as agreed no later than end of month.
    • The Customer agrees to pay Alexami Cosmetics any expenses (including legal costs) incurred in recovery and collecting any outstanding debts due by the Customer to Alexami Cosmetics.
    • If you fail to pay for any batch of Products within stipulated date by the Alexami Cosmetics we may suspend all further delivery of Products to you; and / or sell any Products ordered by you to a third party.


  • Delivery

Any delivery times notified to the Customer are estimates only and Alexami Cosmetics is not responsible for late or non-delivery.

  • Risk in the Product
    • The risk of loss or damage to the Product passes to the Customer on the date and at the time that the Product is removed from storage (for the purpose) of delivery to the Customer.
    • The Customer acknowledges that the Alexami products ordered classified as ‘’all natural’’ and are produced in small batches and use minimum preservatives; and as such all products will be stored below 25 degrees or less, (at all times) and products containing 100% essential oils shell be stored away from direct heat and sun. Alexami Cosmetics shall not be liable to the customer for any deterioration of any products not correctly stored whatsoever and howsoever arising; including arising from the shipment of the goods from Alexami Cosmetics to the customer.
    • The Customer acknowledges that seasonal changes to ingredients in natural products may also alter the appearance of the products from batch to batch. These changes are out of Alexami Cosmetics control.
  • Return Policy
    • The Alexami Cosmetics warrants that any Product/Packaging sold by it will be free from defects and products will be manufactured freshly.
    • This warranty does not apply where in the Alexami Cosmetics opinion a defect has been caused by careless or improper handling.
    • For the purpose of making any claim in accordance with this clause the Customer must:
    • immediately upon becoming aware of circumstances or within 48 hours of receiving Alexami products, giving rise to a claim under this clause and notify Alexami Cosmetics in writing setting out full particulars of the claim;
    • If you receive a package that has been opened or damaged, you must save the original box, carton, jars or anything that has been damaged.
      Please inform Alexami Cosmetics immediately of the damaged goods. Do not send merchandise back without informing Alexami Cosmetics sales representative, as all returns without authorization will be refused.
    • Alexami Cosmetics will accept returns of faulty goods as required by law. Alexami Cosmetics will not otherwise accept return of goods unless the return is approved in writing by Alexami Cosmetics authorized representative and the goods are returned in their original condition.
    • Please choose Alexami Cosmetics products carefully! Alexami Cosmetics will not accept any returns in any other circumstances.
  • Matters after termination
    • All Intellectual Property rights and licenses granted to the Customer in consequence to this agreement shall immediately terminate, except that the Customer may continue to use such rights as are reasonably necessary to enable him to sell the balance of his stock of the Products.
    • Invoices for Products ordered before termination shall become payable immediately upon submission;
    • The Alexami Cosmetics shall not be liable to the Customer in respect of any default for loss of profits, goodwill or any type of special, indirect or consequential loss (including loss or damage suffered by the Customer as a result of an action brought by a third party) even if such loss was reasonably foreseeable or the Alexami Cosmetics had been advised of the possibility of the Customer incurring the same.
    • At all times, before and after the termination of this agreement, the Customer will not use the Confidential Information of the Alexami Cosmetics for any purpose other than the performance of his obligations under this agreement.
  • Notices

Any notice required under this agreement must be in writing and given by post, facsimile or hand to Alexami Cosmetics or the Customer at the address set out in this agreement or at such other address or facsimile number as is notified in writing by one party to the other.

All disputes as to the legality, application, interpretation or performance of this order or any of its terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Queensland Australia.

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