Alexami Facial Mitt – made from corn fabric and silk


Alexami facial mitt combines rough with the smooth for an all in one cleansing cloth. It is made from biodegradable corn fabric, so it’s good for the environment and it has a PH level similar to that of skin so it’s suitable for everyday use, even for sensitive skin types.

Double sided facial mitt, one side suitable for exfoliation and the silky, softer side suitable for around the eye area. Great to use in conjunction with Alexami Purifying gentle cleanser. It is a great mitt to use it on the go.

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Step 1: Cleanse | Facial Mitt

Our unique Facial Mitt is made from bio-degradable corn fabric using eco-friendly manufacturing practice. Its raw material is lactic acid that exists in human’s body. The fabric itself has antibiosis and the surface is subacid which has a PH of 6~6.5. It’s quite close to human’s skin and it’s suitable for sensitive skin.

Founder’s Tip: A true beauty essential in every bathroom or on the go. Wash it with hard soap. Replace your facial mitt with the new one every 3 months.

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